I’m using GTX 560 Ti for my Hackintosh. After upgrade to 10.8.2, I cannot load the system. Since I don’t think 10.8 is stable enough, I want to change back to 10.7.4 or 10.7.5

When I’m trying to install 10.7 again, the pain things happened again.

Black screen with Bad display config block, Nvidia rom patched failed.

I used to unplug my graphics card and battery for 12 hours. It fixed by itself, but this time, not luck enough.

I used to install graphics card drive on windows and reboot with OSX, but no luck again.

After I’ve done a lot of research I think it should be hardware and software problem. Might OSX could not totally control all the method with Nvidia api.(just guess)

When I reboot using Windows, I found an interesting thing. My display2(far from motherboard) is main display on Windows system by default, not display1. In my opinion, display1 should be the main display by default. I try to change the settings, make display1 as main display in Windows. Reboot to OSX. Fix this problem. In order to confirm the method is good enough, I broke the environment to “bad display config block” again. I use same way to fix it.

If someone has pain with dual screen with Hackintosh. Please try to use Windows fix it. I think that because OSX do not have full rom access with unsupported graphics card. If the problem in graphics card’s rom or graphics card’s physical stuff, OSX might not good enough to handle it.

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