Since July 25, I was busy on these event.
I got some experience from them, they focus on different part.
What I prefer B-Sides > Amazon AWS Tech Talk > DEF CON.
DEF CON is the biggest event, and anybody could join just pay $200. Some of the talk are a little bit basic, they did not talk very deeply about their topic. It’s kind of broadcast security is important. A lot of audience are not in the area, they just come to take a back to school class.

Amazon AWS Tech Talk is more focus to Developer. Most of the audience are in this area. The guy in front of me is from Oracle. Looks like I’m the only student in this event.
The topic is about AWS security control and VPC structure and security. I think it is very useful. I’m trying to do CDN these day. After this event, I start to try EC2 and found EC2 is not regular Linux VPC. You can control more from their control panel, but less control from your Linux knowledge. You could not use SFTP as root because you cannot general the root private key by yourself. I’m not comfortable with that, but make me think more about AWS host control and VPC in the future.

B-Sides is the best event. It goes two days. Since AWS Tech Talk only about three hours. I learn more form B-Sides, though some topic is a little bit hard for me. I got some friend from B-Sides and also got internship.

Now I’m considering my to do list.

About server:
Focus more on Linux kernel, learn how does it work.
Use more Amazon AWS product, do more test on EC2 and make an VPC testing environment.
About programing:
Start my first Minecraft on github.
Make an php page for searching my Minecraft action logging database.
About Minecraft server:
Giveup Chinese players.
Focus on US advisement.
Complete the forum basic topic.
About Internship:
Do my best.

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