Last year I bought 2011 Mac Air for learning Objective-C. Now I’m using OSX for my main environment.

Most of the people who never use OSX thought “Mac is over prices, only the hardware is good and not support a lot of apps”.

But most of Mac users love Mac is because the OS.

So apps I use to make me think Mac is awesome.

1st: Xcode

Without Xcode, your Mac is not completed. Not because you need programing something, just because you really need command line tools from Xcode. Regular command line is not enough to access some awesome command. After you install the Xcode and download the command line tools, your Mac is ready to go.

2nd: Terminal

This topic will be very huge. Terminal could be use everywhere. The most important things on Terminal is because they can easily edit root file without any problem. Also you can ssh via terminal. Windows use putty, that’s not good. Terminal have great GUI, not only help you do your works but also make the works look amazing.

3rd: MacPorts

If you are familiar with Linux, you must know rpm and apt-get. port is similar like these, but port let you download the source and compile by yourself. The package might be install slowly and cpu will almost 100%. Whatever you could use a lot of Linux 3rd party package in your Mac like nmap, watch and so on.

4th: TextMate

TextMate is an awesome text editor in Mac. It could use a lot of plugin and even compile your code without other apps. What I have problem is I cannot change default table size as space, and also sometimes auto tab will annoying you.

5th: MacVim

Powerful, not not for newbie developer. I use MacVim for view the php or custom stuff. You could do whatever in Vim, same as MacVim. If you are developer, you should know how to use keyboard control the cursor at least.

6th: BBedit

Good text editor for project diff and support real-time word suggestion. I purchase this app only for these two reason. OK, one more reason: it is available in App Store.

7th: Coda / Coda 2

If you are a web developer, You must have this app. This is the best php writer.

8th: Sequel Pro

FREE MySql app. The GUI is sample, easy for use. If you should manage mysql database data, you must have it.

9th: Navicat

This app have a lot of version. You can try Navicat Premium first, and then try Navicat Premium Essentials. This app is best for SQL data structural; not very good for data editing.

10: CyberDuck

FREE / PAY ftp / sftp kind of app. This app is enough if you just use ftp for some time.

11: Transmit

Best ftp / sftp kind of app. The only thing is it could not zip the file by GUI. The GUI of the app is amazing.

12: Evernote

Good app for note, sync with all your device. Only poor is it is not stable when you offline.

13: Dropbox

I don’t wanna say anything, if you don’t have account just click me.

14: VMware

If you will use Linux or Windows for some reason, you must have this one. It cost money but more like a product.

15: VirtualBox

FREE but not very good for GUI access. I think VirtualBox is best for virtual a server. You can modify more complex than VMware.

16: GitHub

If you have source code in your Mac, please use it to control it. It reduce your madness.

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