In the beginning of this year. I was interested in play with Minecraft, but not only the game. I was interested in do the server and get more Chinese who outside China to play it. (Whatever I’m not glad with Chinese player T_T)

At first I use Linode with cheapest package, which is 512 MB RAM for my other blog and the game server. Actually I just use it served my first experience in Minecraft. (So I have never played it with single mode) It works very well when I was not using bukkit with about five players. About two weeks later, I tried to use bukkit instead of regular server. At this time, I installed some plugins which must be installed in a public server. It works fine, but always have warning “out of ram”. In my experience, if you don’t have enough ram to run Minecraft server, it would be like only 50 ram left out of max ram, then the CPU will like one core up to 100%, your server will be crashed. The bad thing is, when your server crashed, most of times it can only restart without saving. What can I do? Linode is ready to upgrade, the system is very good for newbie. All you need to do is click and click, you don’t even ticket to them. The bad things are when you upgrade to third package, which is 1.5 GB RAM 60$ USD is too expensive. What I have done. I upgrade it from package 1 to 2, and 2 to 3, 3 to 4. Finally 80$ for only 2 GB RAM VPS. That’s too expensive for just VPS. I decide to change VPS be dedicated servers. So which one is my best choice? I’m interested to use Hivelocity for a long time. The website is awesome, you can just select which spec you need and ready to go.

Then I use Hivelocity with E3 Sandy Bridge 8 GB RAM with 64 GB SSD. Totally about 100$ setup fee and 170$/month. For just a student, it’s too expensive for me. The control panel is not as powerful as Linode. Also I think there is no free control panel as powerful as Linode. I don’t use control panel from Hivelocity and free panel like webmin. But still Hivelocity will offer some powerful paid panel like cPanel. I don’t think it is good for a Linux Admin to use any panel to control the system. For my experience, Hivelocity is good hosting. They reply the ticket very quickly. It offers regular ticket and emergency ticket. I used to misconfig and my server cannot boot. They offer me free KVM control panel and let me deal with it. When I ask them to handle that, they need charge to 100$/hour, so I tried do everything by myself. Whatever the price is not a big deal if you are a commercial company. They have powerful Linux Admin to help you deal with any problem, what you need just prepare your money. All my experience in Hivelocity is awesome, only high charge made me searching another dedicated servers when I was using it. Finally I found a company called VolumeDrive when I was searching topic related to Minecraft server.

Cause I’ve done some homework about dedicated servers price, I know VolumeDrive have lowest price. The first time I went to their home page, they are out of order for highest package, which is E3 Sandy Bridge. I tried to track them a little bit and found a chance to order this awesome deal. 20$ for upgrade to 16 GB RAM (now they offer 85$ on time 8 GB RAM upgrade to 16 GB), 100$ for 128 GB SSD one time setup fee. Less than 100$/month, but almost 250$ service compare with Hivelocity. Awesome price. Then I was waiting… waiting… and waiting… I’ve waiting for almost 20 day for setup my device. Also I did some homework about this company’s review. I saw not only me, a lot of customer say they waited server for a long time. They do not offer any phone number to contact them, they only give 2 email address and 1 MSN. The MSN always offline! What I guess they are very small company, they do not have enough devices. They must poor on customer support. What they have is awesome price. If you are newbie on server admin, you prep choice another hosting. Higher price will improve the customer support, you could learn a lot from customer support. If you have any Linux question, just ask them, they might not directly give you the answer, but they must offer you the key words, then you could enjoy the topic with Google.

Right now I’m still waiting for my server. My Minecraft player are also waiting. I just not glad with VolumeDrive’s customer support.

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  1. Finally I got VolumeDrive server. Took about 20 days.
    No control panel by default. Internet not as stable as Linode and Hivelocity.
    Others are good.

  2. Hello there
    that’s very nice post

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